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Towing and Hauling

When it comes to towing a trailer or hauling a load, GM and Chevrolet trucks are built from the ground up to provide not only the best towing capacity but also intelligent features to improve your fuel economy and driving safety while towing in Victoria BC, and Nanaimo.
Both the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado can be equipped with the MAX Trailering Package, offering a premium selection of powertrains that provide a maximum towing and hauling capacity of up to 5,670 kg or 12500 pounds. To keep all of this weight in check, it is a good idea to fully understand the safety and GM towing features aboard your GMC or Chevrolet tow trucks before towing a trailer.
Laird Wheaton is your resource for towing in Victoria BC and Nanaimo, so please feel free to contact us to learn more about your vehicle's towing capacity, hitch towing accessories, and other GM towing features. You can also browse our current selection of powerful GMC and Chevrolet tow trucks online.
Both the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra can be equipped with a selectable Tow/Haul mode that modifies the shift points of your six-speed automatic transmission to provide the additional power that you need for hauling even the heaviest loads. The Tow/Haul function holds the transmission in the lower gears longer while still giving you access to higher gears via the overdrive functions at highway speed. This maintains an optimal combination of towing power, economy, and drivability.
The Integrated Trailer Brake Controller allows you to change the amount of brake pressure you apply to the trailer brakes, depending on the size of your load. The system integrates with Stabilitrak and Trailer Sway Control, features that actively and automatically control the trailer brakes depending on conditions. The 6-speed automatic transmission will also automatically downshift to help you preserve your brakes on long descents.
The available rear vision camera makes backing up to your trailer easier and provides a view of your trailer hitch to help you judge the distances needed to hook up your trailer easily. The system integrates with either your rear-view mirror or your navigation system screen to give you a full view of what is behind your vehicle. Thanks to innovative GM towing features, towing a trailer just got easier!